Two Baltimore Businesses Join Forces to Power Ukraine

14.11.22 12:08 AM By melinakorine

When Baltimore businesses join forces, we can make a world of difference. Power Up recently teamed up with another incredible Baltimore-based company, Klik Solutions, to provide power to the people of Ukraine during this difficult time.

Widespread Power Outages in Ukraine

After months of political turmoil, millions of Ukrainians are without power this November. Russian attacks on electrical infrastructure have caused rolling power outages nationwide. Without electricity, Ukrainian citizens are left without access to their phones, appliances, medical devices, and more. 

Even brief power outages can cause a ripple effect in a community, especially as the weather gets colder. According to NPR, “they're going to have to conserve electricity, and they're going to have to shoulder the burden of power outages.” 

Power Up Donated 70 Pre-Powered Charging Units

Power Up, co-founded by Scott Calhoun, is a provider of charging solutions ranging from tabletop cell phone charging stations to full-scale Charging Trailers that can handle large crowds. The Baltimore business has a history of global impact, including its expansion into Panama and a trade mission to Israel.

Klik Solutions is an international Managed Security Service Provider, founded by Arthur Olshansky. The company is based in Baltimore, but they have 3 international offices, including one in Kyiv, Ukraine. Olshansky also heads a nonprofit organization called Global Operations Group Ukraine Aid, which provides funds and supplies for humanitarian and survival needs in Ukraine.

Power Up recently donated 70 rugged battery packs––each of which provides 100 watts of portable power––and charging cables. The devices were manufactured right here in Baltimore and were then sent to Ukrainian Klik Solutions team members, as well as groups sponsored through Global Operations Group Ukraine Aid

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