Connected to Contactless: Why We Rely On Our Phones More Than Ever Before

17.06.21 08:07 PM By melinakorine

When you’re out for dinner with your friends or enjoying a baseball game, the last thing you should be worried about is your phone. However, as much as we like to think that we aren’t reliant on our phones, we really do need them wherever we go.


Our Phones Are More Essential Than Ever

Mobile technology has advanced in incredible waysour phones are powerful computers, right in the palm of our hand. And yet, their batteries have not evolved at the same rate as their other features. Phone batteries die quickly, and even faster when you are using high-intensity apps, like maps or streaming.


We need our phones to be accessible and charged at all times. If they aren’t, we might lose the ability to communicate, to stay informed, and sometimes even to enjoy the experience to its full potential. As our society enters a period of COVID recovery, this holds even truer. New safety protocols make use of our mobile technology to keep us safe, but these protocols are meaningless if our phones are dead.


Contactless Amenities Require Mobile Devices

For example, restaurants are opting for digital QR code menus instead of paper, creating a safer, contactless experience. However, in order to access the menu, patrons will need to have a charged phone. Restaurant owners should have a way for guests to charge their phones while they wait for their reservation time, like a charging table in the waiting area. If not, you might risk lost business if a guest with a dead phone doesn’t receive the text notifying them that their table is ready or decides to go to a restaurant that offers paper menus.


Boost Revenue with Mobile Pay

Mobile pay is also becoming increasingly popular as a way to provide contactless service. It’s convenient for customers because instead of having to carry a wallet or bag on their night out, they just need to bring their phone. But, it can be a gamble: if your phone dies, it’s as if you’ve lost your wallet, too.


As a COVID precaution, some stadiums, like Nationals Park, are even eliminating the option to pay with cash entirely. Instead, visitors will need to use their mobile device to order and pay for those peanuts and Cracker Jacks (or, more likely, beers). After 9 long innings, it’s very likely that fans’ phones will be on low battery or even dead. If stadiums provide a charging solution like a charging locker, fans can continue purchasing food and beverages, increasing the potential for revenue.


Access Digital Tickets and Elevate Guest Experience

For ticketed events like concerts, games, or even bar events, digital tickets are the new standard. Event hosts that only offer mobile tickets should consider offering a charging area for guests. If an attendee arrives at the event only to be turned away because their phone died after waiting in line, they understandably might be upsetand might just leave a bad review. Avoid the drama and hassle with a charging trailer that guests can use to recharge their phones. Not only will it aid with the ability to access mobile tickets, but visitors will also have an improved experience overall if they aren’t worried about their phone battery. They can take more photos, post to social media, and share stories of their amazing night online, some of which may feature your branding, further maximizing ROI.


Many of these practices will more than likely become the new norm, even after the threat of COVID has passed. As such, it is absolutely essential that our phones are always within reach and ready to go.


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