Universities: Keep Your Campus Powered Up

16.03.22 12:37 AM By melinakorine

Adding Power Up charging and sanitizing solutions to your campus can be a great way to utilize life safety budgets while keeping keep students, faculty, and visitors safe from germs and viruses.


Power Up Your University

Power Up’s charging solutions fit seamlessly into the university setting. With plenty of capacity for devices and easy-to-use sanitization, they’re a great resource for students and faculty alike.


Our Charging Table offers a wireless charging area — all iPhones sold since 2017 are capable of wireless charging, as are most Android devices. Students will love the ability to wirelessly charge their devices using a non-touchpoint charging space. Our Charging Tables can be added to student lounges or dining halls to give students a safe, contactless space to recharge their devices between classes.


Our UVC Charging Locker delivers charging and sanitization with the added benefit of security, a good choice for common areas, like the library or even the stadium. Students can lock their devices inside the locker while its charging, so they don’t need to worry about their expensive devices getting stolen. Or, Charging Lockers can be added to a lecture hall or classroom so that students can securely store their devices during exams. This helps keep everyone’s devices sanitized, and decreases the likelihood of cheating––it’s a win-win!


Want to add a charging unit to a location with limited space? Check out the slim Charging Tower. These towers have plenty of charging opportunities within a small profile, a space-saving option for dorms, smaller classrooms, or faculty offices.


Upgrade Your Existing Equipment

Already a Power Up customer? You can use your life safety budget to upgrade your current equipment with safety enhancements. Trade-in your current units for an upgrade that helps reduce touchpoints and prevent the spread of germs at your university.


If you have an older Charging Table, we can easily add non-touch wireless charging locations by replacing the top decal. Or, we can add UV light in each locker bay of our UVC Charging Locker to give it sanitizing power.


To make the process as convenient as possible, we’re offering free delivery, installation, and removal of current Power Up equipment. You can also add or update branding on your equipment while we upgrade your unit to show your school pride with a logo, mascot, or school colors.


Let’s Connect

Want to learn more about how you can power up your university? Contact us today. Our team is here to help you find effective solutions that suit your budget and your needs.