NFL organizations are utilizing UVC carts to help them get back to football. At both training facilities and stadiums teams are employing our Pure Zone UVC Charging Carts to not only charge and sanitize iPads and Surfaces, but also scanners, radios and other handheld equipment.
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As a major power and energy provider, the company is responsible for supplying power to its customers at all times. The energy provider needed a way to supply its customers with mobile charging in the event of area power outages during natural disasters or emergency events. Additionally, the company...
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A provider of modern furnishings, Price Modern consistently seeks to expand its offerings with innovative products that will help grow its client base throughout Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Recognizing a growing demand in the healthcare industry for an enhanced patient and visitor experi...
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f you’re thinking about using UV LEDs in any application, please take advice from someone who is technically competent in the use of this kind of technology.
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