As a major power and energy provider, the company is responsible for supplying power to its customers at all times. The energy provider needed a way to supply its customers with mobile charging in the event of area power outages during natural disasters or emergency events. Additionally, the company...
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A provider of modern furnishings, Price Modern consistently seeks to expand its offerings with innovative products that will help grow its client base throughout Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Recognizing a growing demand in the healthcare industry for an enhanced patient and visitor experi...
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f you’re thinking about using UV LEDs in any application, please take advice from someone who is technically competent in the use of this kind of technology.
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Pure Zone Antimicrobial Protection Charging Station (Pure Zone Charging Tower) intended for use by the hospitality and healthcare industry, and in other public spaces.
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BALTIMORE – September 25, 2019 – POWER UP TM,  the industry’s premium cell phone charging technology company, has added a new Solar Charging Table to its line of charging products. The Solar Charging Table is an innovative solution for utility companies and emergency response teams that need to...
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