From gusty winds to flooding rains, nature’s power can get in the way of our electrical power. How do you stay connected when natural disasters make it impossible to rely on the grid? Power Up’s solutions are an investment you can make now to prepare for the future.

Potential Outages On The Rise

It’s ...

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Built in Baltimore: Power Up's Past, Present, and Future
Here at Power Up, one thing has been a constant: we’re a proud Baltimore business.
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Portable Solar Charging on the Go: How it Works
Designed to bring power wherever you need it, our versatile charging trailer is the future of emergency response.
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---Greg Goins, Ph.D., gives a demonstration on the solar-powered charging trailer acquired by College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences research division at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. “It’s the ultimate classroom, but it’s small enough that we can move it any...

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Solar-Powered Microgrids: Resilience in Disasters

In a world increasingly battered by natural calamities, the need for resilient energy solutions has never been more critical. Enter solar-powered microgrids—compact networks that defy chaos and darkness. These localized energy systems, equipped with solar panels and smart controllers, ensure uninter...

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