Reliable Charging for Electric Vehicles, On-the-Go
Backup batteries like Power Up’s Power Station are a great option for electric vehicles. You’ll always have a battery for emergency charging, whenever and wherever you need it.
19.04.22 12:07 AM - Comment(s)
Celebrating Our Expansion into Panama
We’re thrilled to share that we’ve recently expanded into Central America, shipping $100k worth of Power Up products for distribution in Panama.
06.04.22 10:40 PM - Comment(s)
Powerful and Portable: Power Up's Latest Charging Solutions
Power Up’s Power Stations offer extreme power output and convenient features for a safe, high-performance emergency power source.
24.03.22 01:09 AM - Comment(s)
Universities: Keep Your Campus Powered Up
Adding Power Up charging and sanitizing solutions to your campus can be a great way to utilize life safety budgets while keeping keep students, faculty, and visitors safe from germs and viruses.
16.03.22 12:37 AM - Comment(s)
Support Your Community With Our Improved Charging Trailers
Power Up’s popular Charging Trailers are a high-performance, customizable charging solution designed to support big crowds and tough conditions.
16.02.22 12:51 AM - Comment(s)