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Meet Our Improved Heavy-Duty Charging Trailer

When you need heavy-duty, reliable power, you need a Power Up Charging Trailer. With high charging capacity and durable construction, trailers are a great choice for many occasions. You can set up our Charging Trailer nearly anywhere, thanks to sturdy wheels and a protective hard-shell case. From mu...

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Holiday parties and event planning have been becoming more and more involved every year. These days, planning your holiday party isn’t as simple as a bar with some decorative poinsettias. Planning has become an ornate art and with the ever-increasing popularity of social media comes the constant nee...
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AIPAC Policy Conferencetrailer-aipac

The AIPAC Policy Conference is the largest state-side gathering of the Pro-Israel movement, with over 14,000 delegates attending the conference. With high ranking political figures on both sides of the aisle, there is plenty of press at the three day event, which bills itself...
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Steve Smith Fashion Show

The Steve Smith Family Foundation champions the cause of the voiceless and fearful, envisioning an end to domestic violence and a better quality of life for all.  The organization used 8 POWER UP™ High Top Charging Tables throughout the 2016 fashion show. These tables w...
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