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---Greg Goins, Ph.D., gives a demonstration on the solar-powered charging trailer acquired by College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences research division at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. “It’s the ultimate classroom, but it’s small enough that we can move it any...

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Solar-Powered Microgrids: Resilience in Disasters

In a world increasingly battered by natural calamities, the need for resilient energy solutions has never been more critical. Enter solar-powered microgrids—compact networks that defy chaos and darkness. These localized energy systems, equipped with solar panels and smart controllers, ensure uninter...

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Stay Prepared with Portable Power for Emergencies
In the event of a hurricane or another emergency situation that might impact access to electricity, portable charging solutions ensure you’ll still have access to your devices.
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We will exhibit our latest innovations at booth 711 and present speaking session on solutions for keeping devices powered during a disasteriaem_logoWe recently announced that our co-founder, Ryan Doak, will present a seminar on innovations for keeping personal devices powered up during a disaster at the 2017...
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POWER UP™ (a Barcoding, Inc. Company), the industry's premium charging technology company, has partnered with WPTV and WFTS to bring emergency mobile charging stations to Floridians without power in the Tampa and West Palm Beach areas after Hurricane Irma. The company worked with Polaris Worldwide...
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