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Tradeshows Are Back: Power Up Your Event
Many tradeshows are opting to return to in-person and hybrid events. Device charging is a popular amenity that will help guests feel comfortable at your tradeshow.
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Rent Charging Units to Try Before You Buy
Renting a charging unit from PowerUp allows you to experience the benefits of our charging lockers and other devices before making the commitment of a purchase.
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Power UP Showcases Its Talent to NFL Teams
PowerUp aims to promote more efficient charging technologies to promote connectivity for all. With a charged device, one can establish lasting relationships, capture amazing memories, and create wonderful experiences. On June 24th - 26th, PowerUp will be 1 out of 15 vendors to showcase its amazing p...
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Did you know that the overall attendance for NCAA football games across all divisions drew 49,315,857 fans at home games, neutral-site games and postseason games in 2016? This is an increase of 257,891 total fans more than the 2015 season.

Create a Positive Experience for Fans

With such a large an...
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