Pure Zone Antimicrobial Protection Charging Station (Pure Zone Charging Tower) intended for use by the hospitality and healthcare industry, and in other public spaces.
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POWER UP™ Charging Towers enable patients and visitors to stay connected in moments that matter most


The company is one of the leading hospitals in the world and is dedicated to improving the health of the community and the world by setting the standard of excellence in patient care. The h...
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Medstar Hospital

Medstar Hospital in Maryland chose POWER UP™ Slim Charging Kiosks in all of their waiting rooms to keep patients and guests connected to their family and friends. Premium LCD screens show information about the hospital as well as instructions for charging. This display is controlled...
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University of Maryland Medical Centercharging station UMMC

Home of the nation’s first shock trauma center, University of Maryland Medical Center is one of the many local and nationwide hospitals to install POWER UP™ charging technology in their facilities.
Placed in strategic locations around the hospital, POWER UP™ C...
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