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Keep Others Safe with UVC
Power Up's UVC solutions are ideal for hospitals, where cell phone sanitization can keep patients, staff, and visitors safer.
25.01.23 05:17 PM - Comment(s)
Protect Against Omicron with UVC Sanitization
As another new variant of COVID-19 is on the rise, one way to help stop the spread is to sanitize and clean our devices regularly.
20.12.21 01:28 AM - Comment(s)
Keep Students Safe with UVC Charging Carts
UVC sanitizing carts are a great way to keep kids and faculty safer at schools.
20.08.21 05:57 PM - Comment(s)
UVC Charging Can Keep First Responders Prepared and Safe
For first responders, quick communication could be the difference between life and death. Find out how UVC charging and sanitizing can help!
20.04.21 05:03 PM - Comment(s)